and then it clicked

April 14th, 2013 by Sharon

Making the Best of It

When it comes to portraits, I am very much a natural light photographer. I avoid shooting indoors at all costs. Yesterday, I was scheduled to do a shoot as part of a thirteenth birthday party. When I arrived at the designated place and time, it was raining (mixed with a bit of hail just for fun!) Had it been a regular family session, we would have rescheduled, but you can’t exactly reschedule a birthday party, so we went ahead and braved the rain, wind, and cold (oh, so very cold!).

and then it clicked 2013-1-7

Thankfully, there were a few breaks in the rain so we did get a few outdoor shots. Unfortunately, those breaks just didn’t last and we were forced to improvise.

and then it clicked 2013-1-11

Thank goodness for the Retro Suites Hotel! They very kindly let us use their beautiful space (despite them being very busy) for some indoor shots when the rain was just too much to take. Don’t be afraid to ask businesses if you can take over their space. This shoot just couldn’t have happened, otherwise, and even though the outdoor locations we had in mind were fantastic, this cool wall was a wonderful substitute.

and then it clicked 2013-1-12

The girls were patient through it all, and just full of personality. They brought along some items that reflected their hobbies and interests, had great fun outfits, and we did a lot of laughing.

and then it clicked 2013-1-8

The importance of encouraging young teens to just be themselves can not be overstated when it comes to photographing them. It helped that they were such great sports!

and then it clicked 2013-1-9

The best thing about shoots where you are forced to abruptly change gears is that you can end up with shots that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Some of my favourite shots from this session were taken because the limitations of the indoor space required me to rethink some of my standard shots that I just couldn’t get in the space. Sometimes, that little shake up is the best thing that can happen!

and then it clicked 2013-1-10